With a focus on the magic that rural life provides, The Dovetail embodies values of community and family and is the perfect place for people to come together. Located in the middle of the county of Rutland, a short drive from the Water Nature Reserve and about half way between Leicester and Peterborough, The Dovetail offers the best of countryside dining.

Whatever the weather or season, you will feel welcomed to have a coffee after a walk in the countryside, a smoothie during brunch, an intimate family meal out or to have a drink with your closest people. The Dovetail was inspired by the hardworking people of Oakham, with a vision for everyone to be able to come together to have a great time in a great atmosphere and for us to take care of you.

Wherever possible, ingredients are sourced locally, meaning every dish is freshly prepared in our kitchen by our executive chefs. The cheerful cocktail wizards will be happy to always suggest something new if you’re up for it.

The aim of The Dovetail family is to make you feel refreshed, uplifted and safe. Rest assured that The Dovetail will always implement the highest standards of health and safety to ensure that the guests and staff are able to drink, dine and work in a secure environment. Our chefs have ensured that you will still feel the restaurant quality if you choose to enjoy the At Home menu.